Circus Sweater

Discreet structural pattern between the lines

The Frame Continuum

I like the idea of geomtery and angles, and use picture frames as a continuous inspiration. The bag itself becomes a framed picture, where the embroidery is the motif. Embroidery technique is Moorish stitches. I also like the way the two different structures and shades of black plays together. Can`t wait to explore more of the combination leather/embroidery.

Une jupe jaune

I knitted a yellow skirt. And oh, it has fringes.

Regarde le ciel

// The Sun to Shine by Day & All the Stars at Night //

Glaze and burn

I mostly work in soft materials, but I have a big fascination for ceramics and porcelain, and especially the endless possibilites when working with glazes and creating different effects. These pieces are from a ceramics course a couple of years ago. I did not have the opportunity, nor the the skills, to obtain amazing glaze effects, but I did try to put pieces of broken glass on the pieces when they were ready to burn, and I think the results came out quite nice. I like the cracked effect in the glass.

Day bag

This bag for everyday use has a practical and classic design, but with a feature that combines two often needed elements in bags; the external pocket and a way of closing the bag. On this bag the closing mechanism closes both the bag and the pocket with hidden magnetic buttons. This can prevent unwanted access to the bags` content for other than the user, in addition to the visual quality.


Warm knit for fall.

Low-tech leather

For this small bag I have used vegetable tanned leather which is firmer and less elastic than chrome tanned leather. Tanning is the process when the skin is transformed into leather, and vegetable tanning can be traced back to pre-historic times. Chrome tanning is an invention from the 19th century, and is the treatment we see much of on bags today, as it gives the leather a softer, and more water- and heat resistant quality.

But vegetable tanning has its benefits too, especially for manipulation of the leather. Some of these features has been demonstrated on this bag, and includes; Dyeing- The leather was originally in a natural tan, but has been dyed manually, on both sides. Hand dyeing can be done in many ways, depending on what effect you want to achieve. The leather has been embossed- which creates the slight relief effect (which is an important feature in gilded leather where you also use metal leaf and paint with oil paint). I have embroidered the seams. This is also possible in chrome tanned leather, but will best come to its right in vegetable tanned leather as it is less elastic; it will not drag. These simple, but effectful manipulations contributes to create interesting variations in leather objects.

Silver & Sun

Woolen jacket and silver top made in 2006.

Optical Diamond

The Triangle Classic Cut Bag

The Triangle Classic Cut Bag is made of genuine cow hide leather. It has a classic design with some interesting details, and is great for everyday use.

Miniature jumper in kitten mohair with a discret structure pattern.

Temari julekule

Fall jumpers

Discrete cable knit jumper with details on shoulders and centre back.

Kitten mohair yarn in my favourite contrasts; powder and mailbox red.

Stairway Bag No2

This bag is a new version of a bag i made 5 years ago. The new Stairway bag is bigger and suitable for everyday use, and is cleaner in its form. The shoulder strap is longer, anddesigned to curve naturally around the shoulder. Watching this bag I see less of the stairways that originally inspired me, and more of pyramids and the classic hand held fans. I have used a soft cow skin and green corduroy for lining and the bag opening.

The original Stairway Bag

I designed and made the original Stairway Bag early in 2008. This bag was meant to be a bag for festive occasions, with a smaller size, shorter strap, shimmering green lining,and the highly time-consuming cross stitch embroidery on the one side. This was a student project and my most important source of inspiration was the form of stairways and impossible stairs- hence the name. It is such a joy to go back to older projects and create a new object based on the original design but with an updated style.

Sunglass cases

I use sunglasses all year round, therefore I need to keepmy shadesprotected when theyre not out in the bright sunlight. These leather cases will keep my sunglasses safe in my bag. The leather is embossed, gilded with bronze/silver for shine and painted with oil paint. I have been inspired by how the sun reflects the surroundings on glassin the middle of the day, and makes me dream of summertime and roadtrips.

Frame Bag

My latest work is the Frame bag inspired by picture frames and geometry.For this bag I used a soft cow skin in chestnut colour, giving the strict design a casual look.The sweater is knit in a soft alpaca yarn, and feels nice and warm in the winter. This is actually the first sweater I have made andI took inspiration from the Star Trek costumes. I love details on the shoulder, both on clothing and on bag straps.

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